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Here t.run(); Calling run method using t object of Timetable class instead of starting Thread. Call Thread.start() : download.start();


Based on your little piece of code you provided following would extract the temperature. You probably need to amend the code to work with the full HTML. (for simplicity all checks or optimizations intentionally omitted) Document doc = Jsoup.parse("<span class=\"actual-temp ng-isolate-scope ng-binding\" aria-label=\"Actual Temperature\" ...


If you want to get text which will be generated by selected HTML code you should use text() method instead of toString() method (which is invoked implicitly by println()). Also if you want to get text from each option individually you need to iterate over all selected options. And instead of [id=identifier] you can simply write #identifier. So try with ...


Lets say that tag has the following value: tag = "blah, blah, [medo0070"; then the line in question String absoluteRef = String.format("abs:%s", tag.contains("[") ? tag.substring(tag.indexOf("[") + 1, tag.length()) : "href") will assign abs:medo0070 to absoluteRef because the tag variable contains the '[' character. If tag had the value tag = ...

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