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I had a similar need, to switch in a non-blocking way between Kombu/RabbitMQ and ZeroMQ. The solution was to use Gevent to monkey patch the socket libraries so Kombu would become non-blocking aswell. My "main" thread had the Kombu drain_events callback running, and in another gevent thread I had a loop that was receiving messages from a ZeroMQ socket. Worked ...


You need to set the consumer prefetch to 1 (https://kombu.readthedocs.org/en/latest/reference/kombu.transport.pyamqp.html#kombu.transport.pyamqp.Connection.Channel.basic_qos), that way each consumer will just grab 1 message, and leave the rest in the queue with the state ready, so if you have 2 consumers with QOS set to 1 and you have 100 messages you will ...


Flower controls Celery remotely. So, I had to set CELERYD_POOL_RESTARTS = True in my config file. You can check if pool_restart is enabled or not, from celery itself. from celery.task.control import broadcast broadcast('pool_restart')

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