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From the release notes: Known Issues in Xcode 7 beta 6 — Swift 2.0 and Objective-C Declaring multiple global variables in a single var or let may cause corruption of their values. (22207407) Workaround: Declare each variable using a separate var or let.


When we do some mistakes during coding, the compiler shows an error message with references to the name of the file where the error happened and a line number. We can change this behaviour by the #line preprocessor directive:it allows us to control the line numbers within the code files as well as the file name that we want that appears when an error takes ...


char eoln(fstream &stream) // C++ code Return End of Line { if (stream.eof()) return 1; // True end of file long curpos; char ch; curpos = stream.tellp(); // Get current position stream.get(ch); // Get next char stream.clear(); // Fix bug in VC 6.0 stream.seekp(curpos); ...


I think this might be best done in VBA (maybe), but it could certainly done with worksheet formula's too. It just gets a bit ugly. You can do this in the worksheet by building a couple of complimentary matrices to log starts and ends of your rows (columns) of 1's. They'll look something like: The ugly part is the formulas underneath. There is a lot of ...


The file name is the name of the input file that was preprocessed. The compiler uses that to print useful error messages that point to the relevant line of the original source file (instead of pointing to some line in the preprocessed version, which will have a different name, or no name at all, and different content on different lines). The file name ends ...


A JLayeredPane uses a null layout. So when you add your custom painting panel to the layered pane you need to give the panel a size otherwise the size is (0, 0) so there is nothing to paint. So the code should be something like: JPanel panel = new CustomPaintingPanel(); panel.setSize(300, 300); layeredPane.add(panel, ...); frame.add(layeredPane);

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