An optimization technique for minimizing or maximizing a function of several variables in the presence of constraints where all relationships are linear.

Linear Programming is a mathematical optimization technique for minimizing or maximizing a linear function of several variables (called the objective function) subject to several linear constraints. The objective function and the set of constraints are collectively called the Linear Program.

The dual Simplex Method is a commonly used solution technique in Linear Programming. There are several commercial and open-source software packages for solving linear programs.

Brief history:
1939. Production, planning. [Kantorovich]
1947. Simplex algorithm. [Dantzig]
1947. Duality. [von Neumann, Dantzig, Gale-Kuhn-Tucker]
1947. Equilibrium theory. [Koopmans]
1948. Berlin airlift. [Dantzig]
1975. Nobel Prize in Economics. [Kantorovich and Koopmans]
1979. Ellipsoid algorithm. [Khachiyan]
1984. Projective-scaling algorithm. [Karmarkar]
1990. Interior-point methods. [Nesterov-Nemirovskii, Mehorta, ...]

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