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l_maxis an integer (32-bit), distanza is a real (64-bit double-precision floating-point). This can lead to some rounding errors: (- 3.6 2.4) ; Returns 1.2 (= 1.2 (- 3.6 2.4)) ; Returns nil (equal 1.2 (- 3.6 2.4) 1e-6) ; Returns T Try to initialize l_max with a real: (setq l_max 2.0) Or use an epsilon: (> lunghezza (+ distanza 1e-10)) 1e-10 is ...


It should mean "a list consisting of the atom list, the atom 1, and the atom 2". Until Scheme evaluates the list (which the single quote prevents), it doesn't treat "list" differently from any other string.


Fix output style First off, When you use the #!racket language in DrRacket, the default way of printing is not printing it's representation but an expression that evaluates to the same. You can turn it off from the menu language >> choose language. You select Show details and under Output style you select write After pressing Run, when evaluating 'test you ...


Scheme has a convenient syntax for representing data literals: prefix any expression with ' (single quote) and the expression, rather than being evaluated, will be returned as data For more informations: http://courses.cs.washington.edu/courses/cse341/04wi/lectures/14-scheme-quote.html


The notation 'foo makes a symbol named foo. The notation '(foo bar) makes a list with two symbols named foo and bar. In the same way '(list foo bar) makes a list of three symbols. The symbol 'list happens to be called list. Now (list 'foo 'bar) makes a list of two symbols called foo and bar.


It's odd that M-x run-scheme is prompting you for a Scheme interpreter. Normally, (setq scheme-program-name "csi -:c") should define which Scheme program to use with run-scheme. But perhaps Quack overrides run-scheme, which means it wouldn't use scheme-program-name (it's under "built-in support", and indeed the standard Scheme-mode will use this). I'm not ...


If you use SBCL, you cannot change the signal mask without causing SBCL to crash. Ask nyef about his tips on how to fix SBCL...

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