Live wallpaper is an Android 2.1+ feature that adds the potential for animation and interactivity.

Live wallpaper is specific to Android. It was introduced in v2.1 (froyo). Most (but not all) phones running 2.1 support it; all phones running 2.2+ support it. Android Market filters searches so that only supported phones can find published wallpapers (android.software.live_wallpaper).

Live wallpaper allows the programmer to create an Android service (as opposed to an activity) that supports animation, interactivity, and scrolling. The SDK contains sample code for a live wallpaper that displays an animated cube and dodecahedron.

The novice live wallpaperer should start there. The Android source distribution contains code for some "standard" wallpapers that ship with most phones. AndEngine supports live wallpaper creation, as does LibGDX and GLWallpaperExtension.

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