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This could be caused by: An expired user password (Make sure the user account is configured with the Password never expires option checked). This is a frequent problem, although it is probably not the case here as re-entering the password is enough to make it work again. Another batch job or service using the WRONG password for the account and thus locking ...


If anybody looking for a solution. following is how I fixed it. ' Set the logon information for each table. For Each table In rpt.Database.Tables ' Get the TableLogOnInfo object. logonInfo = table.LogOnInfo logonInfo.ConnectionInfo.LogonProperties.Item(0).Value = ...


I would check the application's settings in the Developer App and ensure that the URLs listed in the basic settings are correct for the production website.


This looks like a permissions related issue. When you run locally, chances are that you have sufficient privileges to access the service. The picture changes on the server. Check under which account the service is running then make sure you have the proper permissions or configure your service to accept calls from you or from unauthenticated users.

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