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I guess the support for m3u file format is going to be scattered in HTML5 media compatible browser. It should play on iOS: try to add mime-type audio/mpegURL or application/x-mpegURL to your server (if not already done) AND our source tag. <audio controls> <source src="[url-to-m3u]" type="audio/mpegURL" /> </audio> You need to ...


To make variant playlist for hls you cab do it in any of the following way with ffmpeg 1) for vod content "ffmpeg -i in.nut out.m3u8"....a .m3u8 extension at the output will creates variant playlist fil 2) Here's is one more example Segment the input file, and create an M3U8 live playlist (can be used as live HLS source): ffmpeg -re -i in.mkv -codec copy ...

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