From the project's github:
Machine.Fakes is a little framework built on top of Machine.Specifications that can best be described as an extended integration layer between Machine.Specifications and different mock/fake/substitute/"whatever you call them now" frameworks. At the moment of writing I prefer the term "fake". (What a surprise judging from the name of this project ;-))

Machine.Fakes attempts to simplify the usage of such fake frameworks on top of MSpec by helping to reduce a lot of the typical fake framework related clutter code in specifications.

If you choose so, Machine.Fakes even helps you to stay mostly independent of a concrete fake framework by providing a little wrapper API and a provider model for fake frameworks.

Many credits for the ideas incorporated in this framework go to Jean Paul Boodhoo (http://blog.jpboodhoo.com/) who introduced me to a completely different way of handling mocks/fakes/etc during his NothingButDotnet bootcamp. Maybe this is a way for me to give something back ...

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