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Try the below command :w !sudo tee % Explanation :w – write !sudo – call shell sudo command tee – the output of write (:w) command is redirected using tee % – current file name


Upgrade to include vim patch 7.4.314 and the message will automatically disappear if you are using YouCompleteMe. Patch 7.4.314 introduced the shortmess c option which disables that message. From :help shortmess c don't give |ins-completion-menu| messages. For example, "-- XXX completion (YYY)", "match 1 of 2", "The only match", "Pattern not ...


When you do sudo vim <file> you are running vim as the sudo user, so your users .vimrc is not being loaded, and the sudo user does not have a .vimrc of its own. You should see the same behavior with vim -u NONE. The solution is to do the following: :set nocompatible This is done by vim implicitly when you have a .vimrc. An alternative to using ...


The mapping should work. Unless macvim has already mapped that key to a menu. You first need to unmap it from the menu by adding something like the following into your .gvimrc NOT .vimrc. macmenu Edit.Select\ All key=<nop> to unmap <D-A> from Select All. After that nnoremap <D-a> p will map <D-a> to p.

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