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malloc(sizeof(Test)) allocates a raw "object" of type Test, so conceptually it returns a Test * pointer. This pointer is assigned to newStruct, which is a Test **. This mismatch between Test * and Test ** already suggests that the malloc line is broken. An immediate guess would be that this newStruct = malloc(sizeof(Test)); was actually intended to be ...


The variables b , g & r are not pointers but unsigned 8-bit variables. So, the right way of allocating memory for this case is to allocate an array of that structure with size of total number of pixels, that is width times height of the image. This can be achieved by dynamically allocating the structure pointer bands* as follows. bands *readbuffer = ...


This: bands *readbuffer=(bands*)malloc(n_pix*sizeof(bands)); (Note: not *readbuffer. It's bands) has already allocated memory for all n_pix bands. There is no need to allocate memory for b, g, r as they are not pointers. So, //Create memory for each of 'n_pix' no. of pixel array of each color // And allocating using for loop is not needed.

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