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A possible answer for your problem is implenting GTM in every page just after the body tag but set up the events (or rules, depending on the version you use) so the scripts you will run will be triggered specifically on the pages you want.


For those encountering this problem solely on Samsung devices running Lollipop, you are probably using FLAG_CANCEL_CURRENT with your PendingIntents. Switch to FLAG_UPDATE_CURRENT (making any other adjustments, if necessary), and the problem should go away. My completely unfounded guess is that Samsung is doing some "optimizations" with FLAG_CANCEL_CURRENT ...


May be it requires SET_ALARM permissions in some devices.


Replace the backslash before the comma with \5c and it should work. Reference: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa746475.aspx#SPECIAL_CHARACTERS Michael


Unlike what the comment suggests, this might not be your fault. This started happening for us in production code somewhere mid March, this only happens on Samsung with Lollipop which only recently started to be rolled out.


Editing the core code of modx is considered a bad idea. Really you have two options if you want to add extra properties to users... Firstly you could take advantage of modUser extended field which allows you to store extra properties for the user and are stored as JSON. This is available in the default ui in the manager. See Understanding MODX Extended ...


You can create folder for nuget packages, for example D:\NugetLocalSource\, and add specify it as package source in nuget settings. Tools -> Nuget Package Manager -> Packages Manager Settings -> Package Sources -> Add. When you updated packages first time they were downloaded to solution_folder\packages\. You can copy *.nupkg files from packages ...

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