MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) is a high-level language and interactive programming environment for numerical computation and visualization developed by MathWorks. MATLAB can be used when performing tasks such as signal processing and communications, image and video processing, computational finance, and computational biology. It is the foundation for a number of other tools, including Simulink and various toolboxes that extend its core capabilities.

MATLAB is a cross-platform system, developed since 1984. Since the release of version 7.2 (R2006a) there is a semestral release cycle (e.g. R2013a and R2013b came approximately 6 months apart). Based on release history, new versions are typically released in March/April ("a") and September/October ("b").

MATLAB is a fourth-level programming language -such as Simulink, LabView, Mathematica and others-, in contrast with third level programming languages -such as C++, Java, Pascal and others-.

In addition, MATLAB is a propietary product of Mathworks, this means, unlike other GNU GPL open source languages, both code programmers and users must own a valid software license for running MATLAB code.

There are several open source alternatives to MATLAB, in particular GNU Octave -which offers bidirectional syntactic compatibility with MATLAB-, Scilab and SciPy.

Some informative links that show up quite often in answers:

  • MATLAB documentation for the most recent version (R2015a).
  • Release notes for all versions.
  • Archived documentation for prior versions (only available to licensed users)
  • MATLAB Central File Exchange: a repository of user-contributed MATLAB tools
  • MATLAB Central blogs: usually updated weekly by a number of MathWorks employees
  • Undocumented MATLAB: "Charting MATLAB’s unsupported hidden underbelly"
  • MATLAB Answers: a collaborative environment for getting answers to questions about MathWorks products, similar to Stack Overflow
  • comp.soft-sys.matlab Usenet group: can be accessed online through the MATLAB Central Newsreader hosted by MathWorks, or using Google Groups
  • MATLAB Cody™ is a place where you can go to find a variety of MATLAB-based coding challenges that will help to expand your understanding of Matlab.
  • MATLAB Trendy™ is a MATLAB based web service for tracking and plotting trends. With Trendy you can acquire data automatically, manipulate it in MATLAB, and plot it using MATLAB graphics code.
  • MATLAB Online online version of MATLAB (available to licensed users only)
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