MayaVi is a data visualization library written for use with Python.


Mayavi is a Sanskrit word meaning "magician" and in this case is a free and easy to use scientific data visualizer. It is GUI-based and provides full functionality for python as well as PLOT3D data. It can be used to visualize many types of data including computational grids, scalar vectors, and time series.

Mayavi seeks to provide easy and interactive visualization of 3-D data. It offers:

  • An (optional) rich user interface with dialogs to interact with all data and objects in the visualization.
  • A simple and clean scripting interface in Python, including one-liners, or an object-oriented programming interface.
  • Mayavi integrates seamlessly with numpy and scipy for 3D plotting and can even be used in IPython interactively, similarly to Matplotlib.

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The tag can be used in programming related problems in visualizing 3-d data. Please avoid theoretical problems and installation related problem on stackoverflow. Please note superuser.com is another stack exchange website for question and answers related to such problems.

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