A database abstraction layer for PHP.

At the time of this writing, the last stable version was released on 2007-05-03 and the last beta version on 2012-10-29.

A better alternative is –the native since PHP 5.1.0– PDO

PEAR MDB2 is a merge of the PEAR DB and Metabase php database abstraction layers.

It provides a common API for all support RDBMS.

Among other things MDB2 features:

  • An OO-style query API
  • A DSN (data source name) or array format for specifying database servers
  • Datatype abstraction and on demand datatype conversion
  • Portable error codes
  • Sequential and non sequential row fetching as well as bulk fetching
  • Ability to make buffered and unbuffered queries
  • Ordered array and associative array for the fetched rows
  • Prepare/execute (bind) emulation
  • Sequence emulation
  • Replace emulation
  • Limited Subselect emulation
  • Row limit support
  • Transactions support
  • Large Object support
  • Index/Unique support
  • Module Framework to load advanced functionality on demand
  • Table information interface
  • RDBMS management methods (creating, dropping, altering)
  • Full integration into the PEAR Framework
  • PHPDoc API documentation

Currently supported RDBMS:

  • MySQL
  • MySQLi (PHP5 only)
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • Frontbase (unmaintained)
  • Querysim
  • Interbase/Firebird (PHP5 only)
  • SQLite
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