Stateful programmatic web browsing in Python, after Andy Lester’s Perl module WWW::Mechanize.

Some of the key features:

  • mechanize.Browser and mechanize.UserAgentBase implement the interface of urllib2.OpenerDirector, so:
    • any URL can be opened, not just http:
    • mechanize.UserAgentBase offers easy dynamic configuration of user-agent features like protocol, cookie, redirection and robots.txt handling, without having to make a new OpenerDirector each time, e.g. by calling build_opener().
  • Easy HTML and JavaScript form filling.
  • Convenient link parsing and following.
  • Browser history (.back() and .reload() methods).
  • The Referer HTTP header is added properly (optional).
  • Automatic observance of robots.txt (can be disabled if desired).
  • Automatic handling of HTTP-Equiv and Refresh.

See also

There are several wrappers around mechanize designed for functional testing of web applications:


See the homepage for complete details.

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