Mercurial is a fast, open-source DVCS (Distributed Version Control System).

Mercurial is a distributed version control system, . It is dedicated to speed and efficiency with a sane user interface. The main part of the code is written in Python, with a small part in C. The project is open-source, distributed under the GPL.

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Please report bugs to the bug tracker instead of posting them here on Stack Overflow. Otherwise the Mercurial team may not see them, and you will become frustrated from the lack of response.

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This is a compilation of information on using Mercurial for beginners for practical use.

Beginner - a programmer who has touched source control without understanding it very well.

Practical - covering situations that the majority of users often encounter - creating a repository, branching, merging, pulling/pushing from/to a remote repository, etc.


  • Explain how to get something done rather than how something is implemented.
  • Deal with one question per answer.
  • Answer clearly and as concisely as possible.
  • Edit/extend an existing answer rather than create a new answer on the same topic.
  • Please provide a link to the Mercurial wiki or the HG Book for people who want to learn more.



Working with the code

Tagging, branching, releases, baselines


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