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You can try a decorator pattern,if the order doesn't matter, i.e. the search is only logical "and" with the others. With pattern its a bit cleaner but it depends on the data.


This is what I follow. 1.Choose your tools first. 2.Create a solid architecture(which can endure specification changes). 3.Create dummy inputs(no fancy stuff,just simple input boxes and buttons to send your data to the server) 4.Start with your scripting(PHP,python,ruby). 5.Proceed with the entire Design process from scratch creating ...


We've found similar issues, and most tools (Jira, TFS etc) do not calculate this. The simplest solution - go old school and draw it by hand. It takes 5 minutes and there and you have to update manually, but it works well for us. You can sill use your tool to calculate remaining effort so the hand drawn chart is accurate. Also, if someone is sick we ...

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