Middleman is a static site generator based on Sinatra (a Rails-like Ruby based tool chain). It incorporates dozens of templating languages (Haml, Sass, Compass, Slim, CoffeeScript, and more). It makes minification, compression, cache busting, Yaml data (and more) an easy part of your development cycle.

Typical Development Cycle

This is the typical development cycle with Middleman:

  • Run middleman init projectname
  • Start the server with middleman server
  • Modify the files in the directory projectname while viewing them in your browser at http://localhost:4567
  • When you're happy with the files, run middleman build
  • Copy the generated static files from projectname/build to your webserver

Having the server available while developing turns out to be critical, as it allows quick review of changes (including automatic refresh on Firefox with the right plugin). This isn't as much of an issue with "normal" static site generators, but when you start adding partials, SCSS, Compass and the other goodies, that Middleman supports, server mode is invaluable.


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