Programming problems related to the analysis of statistical models with random-effects terms, also variously: repeated measures, hierarchical, multilevel models


"Mixed models" refers to a class of models that are variously known as: mixed-effects models, multilevel models, hierarchical linear models,... This class of models was developed to account for correlation that may occur within nested data. A classic example is the estimation of test scores of students: if test scores are correlated within classes, schools, districts, etc., mixed models allow the modeler to simultaneously estimate the differences between individual students and between the groups to which they belong (with the possibility of including covariates at all levels).


StatsExchangers often recommend the following resources for learning more about mixed models:

Software packages

Mixed models are available in the following statistical packages:

  • lme4 and nlme for R
  • MLwiN
  • xtreg, xtmixed, xtlogit, xtmelogit, xtmepoisson, and other xt* commands; user-contributed package GLLAMM for Stata
  • Mplus
  • HLM

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