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maybe something like this? you can try this one its in node.js


It sounds more like of a performance issue due to the fact that you're not using transforms. Has mentioned in A Tale of Animation Performance by Chris Coyier It has become common generic advice that using translate() to move elements has better performance than using top/right/bottom/left. [...]Paul talked to another Paul on the Chrome Team, Paul ...


html{font-size:16px;} body{font-size:62.5%;} You need to ask yourself 62.5% of what? The default browser font size is html 16px as far as I understand and "The rem unit is relative to the root—or the html—element." In my responsive.scss I used some advice I found recently come to think of it, ...


max-width is the width of the target display area, e.g. the browser; max-device-width is the width of the device's entire rendering area, i.e. the actual device screen. • If you are using the max-device-width, when you change the size of the browser window on your desktop, the CSS style won't change to different media query setting; • If you are using ...

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