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MVC Action: // Before assigning convert it to Json ViewBag.ListT = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(cor); return View(new MapC() {Xcor = 150.644 }); JS: Just make sure that jQuery is loaded before you run that script <script type="text/javascript"> // Your Code.... ....... var Listval= '@Html.Raw(ViewBag.ListT)'; ...


You need to assign your ViewBag property to a javascript object, for example var list = JSON.parse('@Html.Raw(Json.Encode(ViewBag.ListT))'); and then you can access then in a loop, for example to get the first Xcor value var xcor = list[0].Xcor;


I haven't used Lotus yet, but really want to :) I think a big difference is that Lotus is modular and every module is an independent gem. For example if you plan use mailers you have to: gem install lotus-mailer edit: I found this article quite interesting: http://teotti.com/rails-vs-lotus/


You can get a good overview of some strategies you can adopt to make your view controllers in an Objc.io article by Chris Eidhof. More concretely to your case, you can tend to have a view controllers hierarchy, where you have a parent view controller and child view controllers. In order for them to communicate, the best approach in my opinion is: 1 - have ...

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