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You are using <select> id as category But In jquery you are calling $("#select1").change(function(event) like this . You just need to change $("#select1").change(function(event) to $("#category").change(function(event)


Check in console if your script contains any errors. if no errors with script, check your function getting called after change, by adding alert or console statement. if function getting called, check base_url. As per latest comment '/' missing. You can also try Following snippet : //Add J Query Library here <select name="select1" id="select1" ...


The error is in your foreach loop, This is the structure or foreach loop, foreach ($variable as $key => $value){ # code... } In your case the $variable and $value are same, both are $select_student. change it to, foreach($select_student as $value){ $student[] = student::select('student_id', 'first_name','middle_name','last_name', \DB::raw('CONCAT(...


Don't test your UIViewControllers. There is a lot of stuff that happens to them that you don't see and/or have no control over. Instead, keep as much logic in other objects such as View Models, and not your UIViewControllers. You can then test your View Models, just like you would test your Models. Edit: How you might want to structure your ...

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