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ModeSetting does refer to the graphic stack. It is the process of setting up the clocks and scanout buffers, initialize the chips, lighting up the displays and so on. The kernel subsystem responsible for this is the DRM subsystem. It has a userspace library that is developed in lock-step with the kernel part and allows i.e. Xorg access to the userland ...


Mode setting is usually related to Graphics setup. A reference article dated April 19, 2008 notes, kernel mode-setting involves moving the mode-setting code for video adapters from the user-space X server drivers into the Linux kernel. This may seem like an uninteresting topic for end-users, but having the mode-setting done in the kernel allows for a ...


Rick Strahl wrote a nice article on this very topic: One of the more anticipated features of ASP.NET 4.0 – at least for me - is the new ClientIDMode property, which can be used to force controls to generate clean Client IDs that don’t follow ASP.NET’s munged NamingContainer ID conventions.

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