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I highly suggest looking into the CanCanCan gem (the continuation of the CanCan gem which is no longer supported). In this way your code would look something like this in the end (you didn't post any code, so I have to make assumptions about your variables and such): <% if current_user.admin? %> <% if can? :view_report, @customer %> ...


By using user.favourite_shops.map(&:shop) you simply call the #shop on each of the user's favourite_shops and receiver an array of related shops. In other word, you replace each of the favourite_shops with the associated shop. If you wanted to do that a Mongoid way , please consider this post How to implement has_many :through relationships with ...


Did you try this? mongoid_object = SomeMongoidObject.new mongoid_object.save Now you can get the id by simply doing one of the following mongoid_object.id #=> id will be returned or mongoid_object["_id"] or mongoid_object._id Hope this helps!


The $eq operator works by comparing two values and returns true when the values are equivalent, false when the values are not equivalent. Thus in your $cond operator, when the $eq operator expression evaluates to true, $cond should return a value of 1 and if the $eq expression evaluates to false then it should return 0 so that the accumulator operator $sum ...


The above solution works for me too: > sudo apt-get install --reinstall mongodb I've tried several methods that I found in this site and other sites, but only this one works for me! So, for now, back to Mongodb 2.6.3!


Of course you should escape the input. Consider params[:nice_id_string] being .*, your current query would be: @model.where(nice_id_string: /.*/i) whereas your second would be: @model.where(nice_id_string: /\.\*/i) Those do very different things, one of which you probably don't want. Someone with a sufficiently bad attitude could probably slip some ...


It seems like you're not actually building a Mongoid criteria with that call, but I haven't looked into elasticsearch-rails so I can't be 100% sure. If you're completely unable to update to 3.1.0 you should be able to just monkey patch this functionality in. module Mongoid class Criteria # select specific fields from collection based on current ...

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