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iOS will call DidReceiveMemoryWarning() on your UIViewController subclasses when you are running low on memory, allowing you to free up resources. Android will call OnLowMemory() on your Activity subclasses. I'm not sure what the equivalent on Windows Phone is, but I wouldn't be surprised if they have something similar.


I've compiled your code and it works perfectly. I put the breakpoints and checked all values at every single step and every thing was fine. Here is the code. Try to execute it: Your Code: // 'class Expression' stores an expression in postfix notation // and does all kinds of sweet math stuffs to it: public class Expression { public List<string> ...


I suspect that it's just a matter of MemberInfo.Equals not working as you expect. That's easy to test: var m1 = get("x"); var m2 = get("x"); Console.WriteLine(m1.Equals(m2)); If that prints False, then that's the issue, and you should add your own caching.


Firstly, this looks like it's probably a Mono bug in Comparer<T>.Default, which should notice if T implements IComparable<Foo> for some Foo that is either an interface T implements, or a base type of T. For workarounds, four options: Implement the non-generic IComparable interface in Bar, probably just delegating to the implementation of ...

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