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UIView animations are intended for animating UIView properties and don't seem to play well with CALayers. Using UIImageViews instead of CALayers would solve your problem (then you should use the imageView.alpha property instead of the layer.opacity property). However, if you insist on using CALayers you can animate them with CABasicAnimation. The code below ...


You could use the protected virtual void LayoutChildren method that's exposed on all Pages. Keep in mind it may be called many times, so you'll need to account for that possibility. Another option would be to simply add your child Views in the Page's constructor. This option is not ideal, but it's guaranteed to only be called once, and always before your ...


You can only animate following properties with UIView.Animate: UIView.Frame UIView.Bounds UIView.Center UIView.Transform UIView.Alpha UIView.BackgroundColor UIView.ContentStretch For more sophisticated animations you have to use CABasicAnimation like in @bjornorri answer.


You guys are correct in that I was trying to animate layers using the incorrect methods. What I ended up doing was replacing the layers with UIImageView and using UIView.Animate to change the Alpha properties. Not only was this easier to code, it seems that UIImageViews are actually more performant when it comes to images.


That image illustrates code sharing with Xamarin Platform projects (Xamarin Android and Xamarin iOS), not Xamarin Forms. Platform projects do not have any shared UI. For a Xamarin Forms project, you would place any shared UI code in your shared project. Any custom renderers or other platform specific UI would go in the individual platform project.


PCL projects do not support System.Timer. Xamarin Forms has a built in Timer to help workaround this limitation Device.StartTimer (new TimeSpan (0, 0, 60), () => { // do something every 60 seconds return true; // runs again, or false to stop }); If you want to start and stop the timer via buttons, you could do something like this: bool ...

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