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Task.Run will schedule the delegate to be executed in the thread pool, and the thread pool will only ever execute the given delegate on a single thread. It won't move it around between threads. That said, a Task conceptually is merely the representation of the completion of some asynchronous operation at some point in the future. It can represent anything ...


Will The TPL assign the created task to a single thread for the life of the task's execution? The guideline is that synchronous portions of work run on a single thread. So, if you pass a synchronous delegate to Task.Run, it will all run on a single thread: await Task.Run(() => Thread.Sleep(5000)); // same thread after sleep However, if you have ...


There are a lot of different ways to approach this, but the simplest is to simply return the data from your getData() function. public string getData() { Console.WriteLine ("Data loaded"); string hi; hi = "Hello"; return hi; } Then in your controller, string mydata = functions.getData ();


The code is compiled with AOT option so it will actually not be compiled at runtime (I don't know the details that happens in the background on Compile()). The example from Microsoft documentation runs just fine on iOS device, no exceptions. public override void FinishedLaunching(UIApplication application) { ...


Crittercism just released a fully supported crash reporting solution which fixes that issue (Full disclosure: I'm one of the co-founders and CTO). One of our customers submitted a binding on github, but you can download the official plugin from the Xamarin store here: http://components.xamarin.com/view/crittercism


I think you could try using Key-Value Observing to get notified when your property is changed. You can find a tutorial on how to get KVO working with monotouch here. And there's always the official Apple Documentation on KVO

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