Moq (pronounced "Mock-you" or just "Mock") is the only mocking library for .NET developed from scratch to take full advantage of .NET 3.5 (i.e. Linq expression trees) and C# 3.0 features (i.e. lambda expressions) that make it the most productive, type-safe and refactoring-friendly mocking library available. And it supports mocking interfaces as well as classes. Its API is extremely simple and straightforward, and doesn't require any prior knowledge or experience with mocking concepts.

Project is hosted at http://github.com/Moq/moq4

The Moq wiki is at https://github.com/Moq/moq4/wiki

The Moq API docs are at http://www.nudoq.org/#!/Projects/Moq

Installing Moq can most easily be done using its NuGet package:

Install-Package Moq
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