A MouseListener is a listener Object that reacts to events triggered from a Mouse input device.

In Java, a MouseEvent object is passed through to the listener when the user performs a click or scroll on any of the mouse buttons/wheels. The MouseEvent contains information on the event, such as the button that was clicked (left-button, right-button, wheel), and how often it was clicked (single-click, double-click, etc).

Java MouseListener only reacts if the mouse button has been pressed or the wheel has been moved. To capture moves and drags, MouseMotionListener is be used. MouseMotionListener inherits from MouseListener, with two extra methods to handle move or drag. These two listeners also have independent methods to register them (addMouseListener and addMouseMotionListener).

As mouse listeners provide quite many methods, there are also concrete MouseAdapter and MouseMotionAdapter classes that have all these methods implemented as empty. This allows to have less code, overriding only methods that must take some action.

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