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Instead of: public static class JsonXmlAdapter extends XmlAdapter<XmlJsonEntry[], JsonObject> Do: public static class JsonXmlAdapter extends XmlAdapter<XmlJsonEntries, JsonObject> And then have XmlJsonEntries have a mapped property that is of type List<XmlJsonEntry>.


MOXy will report information about invalid property values, but by default it does not fail on them. The reporting is done to an instance of javax.xml.bind.ValidationEventHandler. You can override the ValidationEventHandler set on the Unmarshaller to do this. You can create your own MesageBodyReader/MessageBodyWriter that extends MOXy's MOXyJsonProvider ...


MOXy does not currently contain a way to generate an external mapping document (oxm.xml) from an XML schema file. You can use the external metadata file to customize the metadata of a dynamic model bootstrapped from an XML schema, but as you say it does require that you know details about the model. What I find helps is to generate a real static model to ...

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