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For the @XmlPath annotation, MOXy leverages the prefix to namespace mappings that are defined in the package level @XmlSchema annotation. The prefixes don't need to match what is in the XML document or XML Schema. You can find a full example on my blog: http://blog.bdoughan.com/2010/09/xpath-based-mapping-geocode-example.html


I'm not very familiar with MOXy, but your reference to @XmlRootElement suggests that you're using JAXB annotations to control your marshalling. Try adding the following property to your POJO: @XmlAnyElement(lax="true") public Object[] unknown; // name it whatever you want This will basically be a catch-all for any values that are received but not covered ...


You discovered a performance bug. It was addressed and the algorithm has been changed, decreasing time complexity roughly by n (size of input). Should be pretty fast now. May moxy charm you in 100 % of cases. Thanks for the contribution.

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