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Your Saga should go idle. You're keeping it alive with a while loop. The timeout message arrives at some point and then you should check what should happen. Either another checkout or MarkAsComplete. I wrote this in Notepad, so it might not compile. But it's to get an idea. public class MonitorSubmissionFeedSagaData: IContainSagaData { public Guid Id { ...


Got it, I had to remove private$ instead of changing it. So this does the job : [Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("System.Messaging") $queueName = '.\testQueue' $queue = new-object -TypeName System.Messaging.MessageQueue -ArgumentList $queueName $queue.Purge()


The main performance impact has the creation of a ChannelFactory. Creating ChannelFactory instances incurs some overhead because it involves the following operations: Constructing the ContractDescription tree Reflecting all of the required CLR types Constructing the channel stack Disposing of resources ...

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