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It sounds like you need to verify that the user is logged in before trying to find the task. Do you have a before_action :authenticate_user! or similar in your TasksController?


You can add a custom domain for App Engine through Google Domains. With the domain registered through Google Domains, they provide an interface to point the domain to a particular App Engine ID using Google Synthetic Records. More info on Google Domains can be found at: https://domains.google.com/about/features.html You can then point user1.com to your ...


While the code you've shown should sort of work (but it's hard to tell since you left out other key parts, such as Startup.Auth), I would not do it in this way. I would instead change your ApplicationDbContext.Create method to this: public static ApplicationDbContext Create( IdentityFactoryOptions<ApplicationDbContext> options, ...


Maybe you can use: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/topics/db/multi-db/#manually-selecting-a-database-for-a-queryset Entity.objects.using('context1').all() Entity.objects.using('context2').all() To select/use a database depending on the request. You can define multiple DBs in the configurartion: DATABASES = { 'context1': { 'NAME': ...

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