An array is typically a data structure meant to store a collection of elements to which is associated a given index. These elements are often in contiguous memory locations although this is not a requirement.

Multidimensional-arrays can be described as multi-dimensional tables. Each index used in order to find a given element is called a dimension.

Depending on the programming language, such a data structure can be achieved through a specific multi-dimension array data structure or in the shape of an "array of arrays" (also known as jagged arrays or Iliffe vector).

Multidimensional-arrays are often used to put values in a table format (e.g. rows and columns).

Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multidimensional_array#Multi-dimensional_arrays

This StackOverflow thread provides some insight on the difference between multi-dimensional arrays and jagged arrays in C#.

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