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This is very easy with complex numbers. Specifically, if the given Cartesian coordinates are interpreted as the real and imaginary parts of a complex number, then the polar coordinates are the magnitude (abs) and argument (angle) of that complex number: >> z = x+1j*y; >> r = abs(z); >> theta = angle(z);


What you are trying to do is create a function script file, but you have a non-function declaration statement at the beginning of your file. You can't do this. As such, you need to remove the syms x y statement at the beginning of your code. Also, you aren't declaring your function properly. You need to use round braces, not square braces to define your ...


You can use the cart2pol function: [theta, rho] = cart2pol(x, y) Or do this: theta = atan2(y, x) % use atan2() instead of atan() rho = sqrt(x.^2 + y.^2) % use sqrt() instead of .^5

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