MUMPS, also called M, is a high-performance, hierarchical NoSQL database with an embedded general-purpose programming/scripting language. The MUMPS programming language, which dates back to 1966, provides transparent database access, weak typing, and late binding of named variables, as well as abstract I/O and very convenient string manipulation. MUMPS systems are spectacularly fast and very good at handling sparse data, but legacy MUMPS code can be very difficult for programmers educated in C-descended traditions to understand.

The two major MUMPS implementations today are the free (GNU Affero license), open-source, no-frills GT.M, and the commercial Intersystems Caché, which provides numerous extra features and extensions, including object-oriented language extensions and powerful reporting software. Notable MUMPS users include the US Veterans' Administration (for its VistA software), Epic Systems Corporation, GE Healthcare, Ameritrade, and Barclays Bank.

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