In programming, music refers to sound that follows properties distinct from speech or noise, or the symbolic representation, manipulation, and representation (display or audio) of musical objects, or for the metadata of these objects. Related tags, such as [audio] or media] refer more generally to all sound that could be stored, streamed, or manipulated. Tags for specific music representations such as [midi] or instruments such as [guitar] also exist.

The music tag should be used for cases where the question relates in some way to the musical structure or content of audio or where the objects being discussed are specifically musical terms such as "scale," "key," or "timbre."

Other tags such as and are more specific in the types of programming knowledge that may be necessary to answer the question and also more general in the types of sound that they cover.

For instance, a good uses of the tag in questions include:

Some interesting questions but probably best tagged with instead of include:

In each of these cases, the sounds that the programers most likely want to hear are musical sounds, but the fundamental technology remains the same whether the sounds are noise, general audio, music, or speech. Questions involving music recognition, musical notation, or musical instruments are best tagged with .

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