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Please have a look into this to get answer: http://mono.1490590.n4.nabble.com/NamedPipeServerStream-in-Mono-tt4659060.html#a4659112


You could defer to WCF to handle the pipes? You would benefit from an interrupt driven system using IO Completion Ports to notify your application code when new connections were made into the application. Taking the pain of implementing WCF would also give you the ability to scale off one machine if you need to take your application over more than one ...


If all else fails you could always call CreateNamedPipe via P/Invoke, specifying the default timeout you want just as you did in your Win32 server, and then use the NamedPipeServerStream ctor overload which takes a SafePipeHandle, to wrap it. The rest of your .NET server code wouldn't need to change.


Well, that's close to my bed, I've worked on Sony Vegas and know its CLR hosting scenario pretty well. You have this problem because System.IO.Pipes is a .NET 4 namespace, the custom CLR host in Vegas loads CLR version 2.0.50727. You can override that choice, you can edit the .exe.config file in Program Files folder and use the <supportedRuntime> ...

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