A specific version of Netbeans IDE. Use this for question related to Netbeans IDE version 7.1

NetBeans IDE 7.1 was released in January 2012.

This version introduce the following new features.


  • Support for JavaFX 2.1
  • Support of all three deployment models: Desktop, Applet, JNLP
  • Preloaders to improve application loading experience
  • Customized UI controls using CSS3


  • New Visual debugger
  • Gap support in GridBagLayout customizer
  • Inspect and Refactor
  • Improved Javadoc highlighting and formatting

Web Languages

  • Support for CSS3
  • Code completion and documentation for new CSS3 elements
  • Browser specific properties

Java EE

  • Support for GlassFish 3.1.2
  • Cluster and Instance deployment support for GlassFish
  • Developing Java EE 6 applications for deployment to WebLogic Server
  • 50+ CDI enhancements in Java editor
  • JSF component suite support
  • Improvements in Java Persistence, Web Services, EJB, WebLogic and more


  • Improved PHP debugging
  • PHPUnit test groups capabilities
  • Support for Smarty templates
  • Faster uploads with keep-alive for (S)FTP client

NetBeans Platform

  • New Window System APIs
  • Enhanced TopComponentGroup behavior
  • Visual Window Layout designer
  • Pluggable multiview components


  • Integrated Git support
  • History tab on file editor window
  • Locking/unlocking files in Subversion working directory
  • Support for Mercurial branches and tags


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