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There are 2 problems with your code: Use Linux kernel macro for your code. http://makelinux.com/ldd3/chp-11-sect-5 . Just add struct list_head as element to your struct values_list and use list_entry, list_add and other Netfilter hools are run in softirq context, so you must use spin_lock_irqsave and spin_unlock_irqrestore. This is most likely reason why ...


You can use the control block (skb->cb) of the skb to store your data, it has 40 bytes for your disposal (But the data is not guaranteed to be valid across network layers). You can do something like: (struct my_head_struct *)(skb->cb)->a = 21;


Answering to self. The file proc/net/tcp is made available by the kernel module tcp_diag. It gives a readily available list of all TCP sockets and their state. The best way to map the sockets to processes is through the file descriptors in /proc/*/fd/*, as the socket might be shared by many processes/threads that use them concurrently. Source to the ss ...


Reasons for observed behviour The reason that iptables doesn't get the physical bridge information when the packet arrives from a non-bridged interface is that the packet has never been near the bridging mechanism, even though at this point we know we are sending it out on the bridge. In the case where the packet did arrive over a bridge port, but it is an ...

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