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Sounds like your session is ended too quickly. You only open it for your save. try using (var session = NHibernateHelper.OpenSession()) { Feed feed = new Feed(); Tag tag = Tag.READ.ById(8); feed.Tag.Add(tag); feed.Language = ENLanguage.EN; feed.Name = "Foo"; feed.Save(); string x = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(feed); }


As discussed, we need two collections, representing both directions A-B, B-A public virtual IList<User> LeftFBFriends { get; set; } public virtual IList<User> RightFBFriends { get; set; } And we'd need explicit column mapping: HasManyToMany(x => x.LeftFBFriends) .Table("UserFBFriend") .ParentKeyColumn("LeftColumn") ...


I think your problem that you don't initialize lazy collection IList Feed of class Tag when you get object from database Tag.READ.ById(8); // in that method you have to initialize Feed something like using(session = NHibernateHelper.OpenSession()) { var TagObjectFromDb = session.Get<Tag>(id); ...

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