NoSQL (sometimes expanded to "not only ") is a broad class of database management systems that differ from the classic model of the relational database management system () in some significant ways.

NoSQL systems:

  • Specifically designed for high load
  • Natively support horizontal scalability
  • Fault tolerant
  • Store data in denormalised manner
  • Do not usually enforce strict database schema
  • Do not usually store data in a table
  • Sometimes provide eventual consistency instead of ACID transactions

In contrast to RDBMS, NoSQL systems:

  • Do not guarantee data consistency
  • Usually support a limited query language (subset of SQL or another custom query language)
  • May not provide support for transactions/distributed transactions
  • Do not usually use some advanced concepts of RDBMS, such as triggers, views, stored procedures

NoSQL implementations can be categorised by their manner of implementation:

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