noweb is a literate programming tool for a variety of languages.

noweb is a literate programming tool written by Norman Ramsey which works for a variety of programming languages. It is a modern alternative to programs like Knuth's CWEB.

noweb takes a single specially formatted file, and generates both code and documentation; in this sense, it is kind of like the reverse of a Javadoc - instead of embedding documentation inside code, noweb embeds code inside documentation. Since "chunks" of code are named, code can even be reordered and repeated.

The documentation parts can be in LaTeX or HTML so that printed output or web pages can be generated from noweb input. noweb is language independent, so it can process any programming language (since noweb respects indentation, it can even process languages like Python and Haskell, and produce valid output).

See Nweb's Home Page for more information and downloads; Wikipedia contains a good example of what noweb's format looks like and how to generate code and documentation from it.

This tag should be used for questions about how to use the noweb program.

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