The Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) is a cross-platform plugin architecture used by many browsers, with the notable exception of Internet Explorer.


The NPAPI is being gradually deprecated by Google (Chrome) and Mozilla (Firefox):

  • Starting January 1st 2014, Chrome disabled NPAPI plugins by default (with the exception of a few popular plugins). However, Users are prompted and can choose to activate the plugin.
  • Chrome is expected to remove all support for NPAPI come January 2015.

  • Starting with Firefox version 30 (June 10th, 2014), NPAPI is disabled by default (Again, with the temporary exception of a few plugins). Users can still enable specific plugins using Firefox's settings menu.


There are a number of ways to replace the now-almost-defunct NPAPI plugins:

  • In Google's Chrome, the 2 main options are NaCl (Native Client) and Chrome extension with Native Messaging - each offering a different kind of solution.

  • In Mozilla's Firefox, the common alternative is using the js-ctypes feature which allows direct loading of .dlls

A rudimentary overview of the options (with comparison of their strengths and weaknesses) is available here: http://www.firebreath.org/display/documentation/Browser+Plugins+in+a+post-NPAPI+world


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