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Because you're trying to set the object for key on result (your NSCFDictionary -- immutable) not dict (your cast NSMutableDictionary). Instead, try: NSData *jsonData = [@"{\"foo\":\"bar\"}" dataUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding]; id result = [NSJSONSerialization JSONObjectWithData:jsonData options:0 error:nil]; if ([result isKindOfClass:[NSDictionary ...


First ensure the array holds NSMutableDictionary objects, and not NSDictionary objects to avoid the need to convert while iterating: NSMutableArray* a = [ @[ [ @{@"one": @11, @"two": @12, } mutableCopy], [ @{@"one": @21, @"two": @22, } mutableCopy] ] mutableCopy ]; (I don't like that code, use this instead): NSMutableArray *a = ...


I would suggest a completely different approach to what you are trying to accomplish. You can indeed associate user data to your nodes by using the following SKNode property: @property(retain, nonatomic) NSMutableDictionary *userData So, you do not need to handle your own dictionary associating a node to its status. You can just do: ...


You can just do NSDictionary *dict = @{ @"aps" : @{ @"alert" : @"new push" } }; (pretty much the way you wrote it in the first two code examples). And then use NSJSONSerialization to create the formatted JSON.


Use NSJSONSerialization to convert Dictionary or NSArray to an json object ... NSError *error; NSData *jsonData = [NSJSONSerialization dataWithJSONObject:newPush options:NSJSONWritingPrettyPrinted error:&error]; ...


Here's one way: NSString *wantedId = [rs stringForColumn:@"id"]; for (NSMutableDictionary *appointmentDictionary in arrAppointmentDictionary) { if ([appointmentDictionary[@"id"] isEqualToString:wantedId]) { layout.numberOfAppointments = appointmentDictionary[@"total"]; NSLog(@"number of appointments are ...


NSMutableArray *courseArray = [courseDict objectForKey:letter]; You never actually construct this array - courseDict will just return nil here. You need to add if(!courseArray) { courseArray = [NSMutableArray new]; }

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