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this is pretty much a "modal" window. you can try using a modal window functionality of NSApplication, but that may not be what you want because it blocks the main event loop in order to prevent interacting with things outside the modal window. There is nothing stopping you from just making your window the size of the screen with that semi-transparent ...


You will want to call -endSheet:returnCode: on your window, rather than just ordering it out.


You should use [window mouseLocationOutsideOfEventStream] instead.


You can create your own custom properties on any object you like using: + (id)propertyWithName:(NSString *)aName initializer:(void (^)(POPMutableAnimatableProperty *prop))aBlock You would set one up for NSWindow something like this... POPAnimatableProperty *windowPositionProperty = [POPAnimatableProperty propertyWithName:@"com.myname.NSWindow.position" ...


You must properly finish the modal session. I used to call - (void)performClose:(id)sender and stop the modal session in the delegate method. - (void)windowWillClose:(NSNotification *)notification { [NSApp stopModal]; } But for a sheet, endSheet looks more appropriate. self.addWindowController = addContact; [self.view.window ...

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