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When you include the c function, in your .mm file you need to use extern "C", something like this extern "C" { # include "c-header.h" } or, you can just add the extern "C" to the function declaration. The reason to do this is name mangling which is used in c++ to allow function overloading, the real function name gets modified by the compiler ...


considering while (numMonth == -1 || day < 1 || day >31 || year <= 0) , you also have to explicitly mention the condition for invalid dates like February 31, June 31.


I couldn't find anything on the web or in Apple's dev forums on this, but I finally worked out what's going on and came up with a workaround. The problem seems to be that some sort of magic trigger for the linker isn't happening if ALL of the source files are in C++ and Objective C++. The solution was to create a single .m file which includes the WatchKit ...


I don't see why they wouldn't, as Objective-C++ is fundamentally Objective-C. You might have to (you want to in any case) hide the C++ object pointers as private properties in the implementation file, but other than that there shouldn't be any issues. Obviously you'll have to completely extract/abstract the C++ objects.

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