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You are reinventing the wheel here. The reason Optional is final, is because there is really no reason to change it, and the internal semantics require consistency across the usage. The real issue here is the logic of your constructor. You should not be using a constructor to determine the logic of the intersection. What you want is a (static?) method that ...


Using $this->model_design_banner fails, because $this->load->model('design/banner'); fails. It fails, because you mixed up "model" and "module". You have a model file in a module folder: catalog/module/design/banner.php This should be catalog/model/design/banner.php The function call $this->load->model('design/banner'); tries to load ...


As rolfl said, this is a strange idea. Imagine you want to compute xy for two ints. Sometimes it's undefined, so would you implement a Maybe<Integer>? And then another implementation for e.g. nCr(x, y)? This sound wrong, doesn't it? The problem is that you're binding the origin of the thing (intersection, power, choose) to the thing itself. But an ...


Change the following line $message = $keyValues->getMessage(); to $message = $this->keyValues->getMessage(); $keyValues inside a method in a class refers to a local variable. When you access with $this keyword then it refers to a property of object of that class.


You can use call to set the value of this: parent.child.displayA.call(parent); // 5 You may also be interested in binding it: parent.child.displayA = function(){ console.log(this.a); }.bind(parent); parent.child.displayA(); // 5 Or you you can just use parent instead of this: parent.child.displayA = function(){ console.log(parent.a); }; ...


You can use generics. public interface dataModel { //nothing } public interface dataRepo<T extends dataModel> { public doIt(T a); } public class concreteDataModel implements dataModel { public doIt(dataModel a); } public class concreteDataRepo implements dataRepo<concreteDataModel> { public doIt(concreteDataModel a); }


Javascript is prototype based, it is not a regular OOP language like PHP or Java. Take a look to Inheritance and the prototype chain and implement something like Simple Javascript inheritance. You could probably access to parent through window.parent if it is in the global scope, but your example will not work in every case.


I strongly suggest not to start restructuring your application without a strong knowledge of SOLID principles and dependency injection. I did this mistake and now I have an application full of service locator (anti)pattern implementations that are not making my life simpler than before. I suggest you to read at least the following books befor starting: ...


class KeyValues { public $numeroPrimo_1; public $numeroPrimo_2; public $message; public function KeyValues ($primo1, $primo2, $message) { $this->numeroPrimo_1 = $primo1; $this->numeroPrimo_2 = $primo2; $this->message = $message; } public function getMessage() { return $this->message; } ...

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