OpenCart is a free open source shopping cart system written in PHP and released under GNU GPL License.

Set up of OpenCart requires the following on the webhost:

  • Web server (preferably Apache)
  • PHP 5.2 or greater
  • MySQL
  • cURL library loaded
  • GD library loaded

Other required, optionally required or preferred settings:

  • register_globals OFF
  • magic_quotes_gpc OFF
  • file_uploads ON
  • session_auto_start OFF
  • mcrypt library loaded
  • zlib library loaded (for output compressing)

There is a large number of community made 'extensions' that expand its features, both paid and free.

There is also an active & strong user support base, with forums for discussions.

You can also contribute to the project using the GitHub repository

There is also a frontend demo and backend demo of OpenCart - login with demo/demo.

Newly it is possible to support the OpenCart StackExchange site proposal by following and voting the questions at Area51.

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