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Issue has been resolved. The issue actually existed on the server side. Some server side settings were blocking the use of open-fire. This issue is not existed on android side.


Please note that this question if very specific: it relates to a specific XMPP server implementation (Openfire) and makes use of a proprietary, non-standard interface (its REST plugin). The fact that you're making use of an Android environment, PHP and/or cURL is irrelevant. When you receive 401 responses, then there is a problem with authentication. As ...


There will be no delay on the ejabberd. As I was working on retrieving the messages using ejabberd, I didn't found any delay while retrieving the messages and even while putting in the database. It might take some nano or micro seconds to put in database but while retrieving I am sure there is no delay in my POC app. I worked with Ejabberd and its pretty ...


You need to attach a ping listener/handler upon connecting that sends the pong. Your listener responds to any pings sent to you. Your ping sender sets up a handler to handle to pong. var onConn = function(){ conn.ping.addPingHandler(onPing); }; var onPing = function (iq) { conn.ping.pong(iq); return true; }; var onPong = function(iq){ //do ...


This connects ejabberd server with smack 4.1.3. XMPPTCPConnectionConfiguration config = XMPPTCPConnectionConfiguration.builder() .setUsernameAndPassword("testuser", "pass") .setServiceName("example.com") .setHost("example.com") .setResource("test") ...


Issue has been resolved.... Actually password was stored as HEX with some algorithms in LDAP Server by default. I changed it to plain text,,, and now can login to admin console with admin user. Thanks.


OK. the problem was that the XMPP server does not do the address normalization. My MUC JID in the server was saathi@conference.service but I used Saathi@conference.service . All I had to do was change it to lowercase.

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