Opera is a series of web browsers developed by Opera Software ASA. The desktop versions up to 12.x used the Presto rendering engine, while newer versions (15+) use Blink, a fork of WebKit.

The Opera browser is cross-platform and has desktop, tablet, TV and different mobile versions (Mobile and Mini). It is also built into Nintendo Wii and DS consoles.

Opera used the proprietary engine Presto up until February 2013, when Opera announced that their products would transition to using Chromium/WebKit. It was later announced they would actually switch to Blink, the same fork of WebKit that Chrome now uses.

The Chromium-powered Opera 15 was released as a successor to Opera 12 at the end of May 2013.

This tag, , should be used for questions that are not specific to either the older Presto or newer Blink rendering engine; questions specific to either version should use or , respectively. Other tags in this family include and .


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