Oracle Coherence provides replicated and distributed (partitioned) data management and caching services on top of a reliable, highly scalable peer-to-peer clustering protocol. Coherence has no single points of failure; it automatically and transparently fails over and redistributes its clustered data management services when a server becomes inoperative or is disconnected from the network. When a new server is added, or when a failed server is restarted, it automatically joins the cluster and Coherence fails back services to it, transparently redistributing the cluster load. Coherence includes network-level fault tolerance features and transparent soft re-start capability to enable servers to self-heal.

It is implemented in Java and to participate in the cluster, node applications must be written in Java. It is possible to interface with the cluster through a Proxy Service by connecting using a TCP/IP

Useful books

Oracle Coherence 3.5 by Aleksandar Seovic


Oracle Website with documentation and downloads

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